Friday, 19 June 2015

Honey Bane - You Can Be You ep - 1979

Honey Bane ep on Crass Records. She started her musical career with Fatal Microbes and even appeared on "Top Of The Pops" in 1981 after signing to EMI and releasing some dodgy pop shit. Those out there who are fucking old will remember she had a starring role in the UK movies "Scrubbers" based on an all girl borstal...

01 - Girl On The Run
02 - Porno Grows
03 - Boring Conversations

Crass Records


Anonymous said...

Whoa, really interesting, never hear about this girl before (im not from that times plus im from mexico).
I liked "Porno Grows" with that part "All they want is porno, porno, porno". Also the part when she sings "Emmanuelle makes all the cash" is kinda funy, 'cuz i remember that movies, they were so bad and ridiculous lol.
The way "Boring coversations" starts and then changes is cool.

Thanks for the post STiG NZ !

Unknown said...

I have a copy of this that was said to be first pressing I bought it from Doctor Strange records. Com about 16 years ago it's black and yellow and I cannot find any other copy like it have you ever heard or seen anything like it or would possibly know how much it's worth

STiG NZ said...

There was only ever this pressing of the Crass records single, you may be thinking of here Guilty/Dub 7" as there is a yellow cover version of that.

as you can see it's worth fuck all.