Thursday, 18 June 2015

Internal Rot - Internal Rot ep - 2010

Grindcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

01 - Eyelids
02 - Broadcasting
03 - Pig Teeth
04 - Teeth Taker
05 - Nose In Neck
06 - Purple Rain

625 Thrashcore.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all the records you post on your blog.
Thanks to you, I discovered plenty of new groups, such this Internal Rot who was totally unknown to me.
Unfortunately, it seem that there is a problem with the last piece when you try to download it.
Could you verify, please ?
Thank you again.

STiG NZ said...

Hi, thanks. Link fixed now.

Anonymous said...

Great !
Thanks again.

Galon said...

Internal Rot is crucial! After that 7'' I've expected total hyope for those dudes ... it happened after the Mental Hygiene Lp release:))))

Anonymous said...

Awww yeah! Loved that noise, cool post dear STiG NZ
Give this a listen guys/girls!