Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Fits - Too Many Rules Lp - 1997

Compilation release of their earlier output.

01-03 Taken from "You Said We'd Never Make It" 7" EP (Beat The System FIT1 March 20th 1981).
Recorded in Manchester June 16th 1980.

04 and 05 Originally released as "Think For Yourself" 7" (Rondelet ROUND13 January 1st 1982).
Recorded at Ric Rak Studios, Leeds 15th-17th March 1982.

017-019 Taken from "The Last Laugh" 7" EP (Rondelet ROUND30 December 2nd 1982).
Recorded at Spacewards Studios, Cambridge October 7th 1982.

All the others originally released as "You're Nothing, You're Nowhere" LP (Rondelet ABOUT6 1982)
Recorded at Ric Rak Studios, Leeds November 2nd 1981.

Side A:
01 - Listen To Me
02 - Odd Bod Mod
03 - Crawlers
04 - Burial
05 - Straps
06 - Nothing And Nowhere
07 - Too Many Rules
08 - Disease
09 - Man At Dawn

Side B:
10 - Cats Dinner
11 - Prostitute
12 - Makes Me Wanna
13 - I Dont Need It
14 - The Time Is Right
15 - You Named Us
16 - Jumping Jack Flash
17 - Last Laugh
18 - Different Way
19 - Nothing To Prove

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Anonymous said...

hi stig can you put up some amebix or sacrilege please thank you cheers

STiG NZ said...

No Sacrilege but plenty of Amebix ready to go soon...

Anonymous said...

awesome!I hope you put up amebix soon!

STiG NZ said...

I have ripped, No Sanctuary, Arise, Monolith, Winter and Who's The Enemy. What do you want first?

Anonymous said...

can you post the eps please

Anonymous said...

the winter and whos the enemy eps please

STiG NZ said...

Will do later today.

chris_c said...

thanks - not heard these before, also for the ENT EP - looks fun