Wednesday, 19 August 2015

VA - Oslo We Rot 2x7inch - 2010

Something for the Metal Heads!!
Recent-ish Norwegian compilation of old school Death Metal.

01 - Execration - Entheogen
02 - Obliteration - Envenomed
03 - Lobotomized - Piss On My Grave
04 - Lobotomized Golden Showers (Mentors)
05 - Lobotomized - I Shit On Your Grave (Autopsy)
06 - Diskord - As The Circus Leaves The Galaxy
07 - Diskord - Cease Of Existence MMX

Unborn Productions.

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God Harvest said...

Thanks for this. Didn't hear this one. I knew of Obliteration and Lobotomized, but the others were new to me. Execration is pretty decent. It really sucks that this OSDM trend is muddying the water so bad. It's harder to find good shit these days. Hope you're good.