Monday, 21 September 2015

Negative Gain - Back From The Dead Lp - 1986

Their one and only LP, unfortunately the singer died before this was released.

Side In:
01 - No Life At All
02 - Face First
03 - Descend On Youth
04 - Dark Places
05 - Nuclear Winter
06 - Live Or Die
07 - We Believe
08 - Night Stalker
09 - One Way Livin'
10 - President's Women
11 - Piss Me Off!

Sode Out:
12 - Back From The Dead
13 - Situation All Fucked Up!
14 - When The Pounding Stops
15 - Psychic Hours
16 - Destiny's Uncertain
17 - Whats The Reason
18 - Loss Of Self
19 - Night Of The Rat
20 - My Old Man

Situation is all fucked up!!!
Password is mboc



francesco said...

Great album!thank you very much!have you got something about Four Minute Warning (UK band)?thank you in advance

STiG NZ said...

Sorry I have no Four Minute Warning but they are on my wants list so if I do mange to get any I'll post them.

francesco said...

thank you anyway, hope you keep this wonderful blog alive I'll try to support it

STiG NZ said...


Vanusian said...

Hi, have had much pleasure from your Record of the Week (Crucifix) - I don't usually care about production, but this just sounds so powerful, helped along by the production as well as the group being on fire! Great choice.
Extremely glad the blog continues, it's definitely one of the best.

STiG NZ said...

Thanks. New posts will start soon including the Crucifix LP.