Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Amebix - Monolith Lp - 1999 Bootleg

The second full length LP from Amebix, which has quite the controversy surrounding the exclusion of the lyrics with the LP.
The label they signed to were none to keen on their Pagan lyrics.

Side A:
01 - Monolith
02 - Nobodys Driving
03 - The Power Remains
04 - Time Bomb
05 - Last Will And Testament

Side B;
06 - I.C.B.M.
07 - Chain Reaction
08 - Fallen From Grace
09 - Coming Home

No Gods No Masters
Password is mboc



d. said...

Well, poor Amebix always had problems capturing filthy but moderately powerful Amebix sound in the studio environment. This one in particular was recorded like 'Orgasmatron' instead like 'Overkill'. Bloody mid-1980s! (for example compare Rubella Ballet '85 (awful) vs. Rubella Ballet '84-3-2 (awesome). I don't mind riffs/metal, actually I like it that way. If John Loder hadn't hated heavy hard rock sound of electric guitar ...


d. said...

Ok, I was too harsh. 'Monolith' is a passable recording for 1987, lacks at the bottom but all in all those were not kind years for ROCK. Right now can't think of any heavy band from the same period that sounded significantly better, perhaps only Saint Vitus and few thrash metal albums. No gods no masters! Carry on!

Anonymous said...

Are you ok? It's more than a month since your last post. I hope you are not in trouble. Would be nice to hear/read from you.
Greetings from Jena/Germany

STiG NZ said...

Hi Jena, yes very long between posts, this is partly due to Holidays and partly due to personal tragedy over the Christmas break... there will be more posts soon..