Friday, 4 December 2015

Amebix - Arise Lp - 1985

I really don't have much to say about this LP, a genre defining classic.

Side A:
01 - The Moor
02 - Axeman
03 - Fear Of God
04 - Largactyl
05 - Drink And Be Merry

Side B:
06 - Spoils Of Victory
07 - Arise!
08 - Slave
09 - The Darkest Hour

"the darkest hour is always before the dawn..."
password is mboc

Alternative Tentacles.


Anonymous said...


d. said...

Vinyl ripping factory NZ is runnig again! Hurray!!! Three cheers for Amebix LP, UK Decay single, and The Fits first single!!!

As always, I am leaning towards Anarcho / Goth side of Maddening Blasting Chaos. It tickles my brains when I hear The Hum and The Buzz of Killing Joke progeny.


Ricardo said...

Great post!! I hope you post the Monolith LP as well.

Thanks for this rip!

darkovonhell said...

not much to say either but ARISE GET OFF YOUR KNEES !!!!