Sunday, 27 March 2016

Blitzkrieg - Lest We Forget E.P. 7" - 1982

Punk band formed in Southport, UK in 1981. Their first release was a track on 'A Country Fit For Heroes' compilation (No Future Records). After releasing two 7" EPs, the band split in 1984. They reformed in 1991 to release 'The Future Must Be Ours' LP and split again until 2007, when they reformed for an appearance at the Rebellion Festival.

01 - Lest We Forget
02 - Warfares Heroes
03 - The Abuse Of Power
04 - Destruction

No Future Records.


jan said...

super please discography Blitzkrieg

STiG NZ said...

this is it for Blitzkrieg from me, it's all I have.

Chris said...

Thanks a bunch mate, your efforts are appreciated. This is good stuff and hard to find.

STiG NZ said...

Thanks Chris.