Thursday, 10 March 2016

Crucifix - Dehumanisation Lp - 1983

One of the few American bands to get a release on Crass Records albeit Corpus Christi in this case. MDC and Sleeping Dogs were the other American bands to release records on Crass.
Anyway this is great angry Punk assault...

Side A:
01 - Annihilation
02 - How, When, Where
03 - Skinned Alive
04 - Prejudice
05 - No Limbs
06 - Another Mouth To Feed
07 - Search For The Sun

Side B:
08 - Indo China
09 - Three Miles To Oblivion
10 - See Through Their Lies
11 - Death Toll
12 - Blind Destruction
13 - Rise And Fall
14 - Stop Torture

"From dehumanisation to Arm's production... Peace on Annihilation!!"
password is mboc

Corpus Christi


Anonymous said...

Gracias, Clasico Anarcopunk!

d. said...

Superb rip! I am on the fence with Crucifix - nice Discharge/Void guitar sound; the role/impact of drums not so impressive. They generally seem a bit inarticulate and chaotic. I don't feel visceral affect for some reason.