Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Subhumans - The Day The Country Died Lp - 1983

The debut LP from the Subhumans which was originally released on Spiderleg Records. This LP is still in print and has recently been remastered. If you don't own I suggest getting it as it's a classic.

Side A:
01 - All Gone Dead
02 - Ashtray Dirt
03 - Killing
04 - Minority
05 - Mickey Mouse Is Dead
06 - Nothing I Can Do
07 - Dying World
08 - Subvert City

Side B:
09 - Big Brother
10 - New Age
11 - I Dont Wanna Die
12 - No
13 - Zyklon-B-Movie
14 - 'Til The Pigs Come Round
15 - No More Gigs
16 - Black And White

"so long to the world it's what they said...."
password is mboc

Blurry Records.


d. said...

Yes! Inside the Doc Martens street punk crowd finally a post for me. I've bought a 2nd hand copy (along with ''From the Cradle ...'') in a local record shop recently. Now thanks to you, I'll have mp3 files too. I'm looking fwd to downloading later albums by Subhumans at your blog-space. Possible? This is a classic '82, no doubt about it, but I am big fan of their more complex post hard-core punk sound. Cheers, d.

STiG NZ said...

Yes Cradle is ripped and will post in a few weeks, also Time Flies 12" Cheers.

Antony Pugliano said...

Any more Subhumans l.p.s or the Rats/time flys would be appreciated mate...

STiG NZ said...

I'm sure I have the Time Flies 12" and the Cradle LP ripped already, I will also do the Rats 7" as well, I'd forgot about that one..

Antony Pugliano said...

yer Aces lad, cheers