Friday, 15 April 2016

Chaos U.K - Shit Man Fucker! 7" - 2016

New Chaos U.K ep, raging as always.

01 - Void
02 - Imposed
03 - Systemised
04 - Demise

540 Records.


darkovonhell said...

haha this is good shit ,i get it as soon as i can ,love this band thanx

darkovonhell said...

thanx for this chaos uk"7 and for ALTERNATIVE and EXIT STANCE,i didn't know'em!well, is never too late and always glad to get new old bands ---the new DISCHARGE' lp is out and is good ,new singer but same style ------------there's a new band PROLETARIAT PUNCH from the uk ,ok nothing new but so good ,the lp is "what kind of human are you" ,give'em a go!thanx again for the blog-----

We Love Tapes Records said...

Holy shit... love Chaos UK!

opia said...

Thanx so much !