Thursday, 21 April 2016

Emergency - Points Of View 7" - 1983

UK82-type band formed in Manchester, 1982, from the ashes of The Hoax. They released one acclaimed single and promptly split. The band were reformed by Corvette in the late 90's, after he had attended the first Holidays In The Sun festival in Blackpool. This second incarnation had a different lineup - in fact, only Corvette was a member of the band's original incarnation - and lasted through to 2001. A different lineup emerged in 2002, with Corvette joined by original singer Dennis, but the band split up yet again. And then reformed once more in 2005, recording their debut album 'Shut Your North & South' album. (Discos)

01 - Points Of View
02 - City Fun
03 - Does Anybody Realise?

Riot City Records.


Gazzpunk said...

Top class Stig - I have this too and is one of my favourite 80s punk singles. Shame no other readily available releases from this band. Would love to hear anything else especially the album or re-released stuff if you or anyone has it - Cheers from the U.K!

STiG NZ said...

Sorry Gazz that's the only thing I own from them, will keep an eye out for more.

Chris said...

Brilliant. That first track is a real hidden gem! Thanks for the share.