Friday, 15 April 2016

Riot 111 - Subversive Radicals 7" ep - 1982

Here's a couple of rare New Zealand Punk ep's from Wellington band Riot 111, self released.
Never heard of them? Check out their wiki.

01 - Subversive Radicals
02 - Writing On The Wall
03 - Escape Or Prison

Why these ep's are not that great musically they did release this awesome song called "Move To Riot" on the Capital Kaos LP


d. said...

Hey Stig,

Strange beast this Riot 111 band, never heard of them. The first single is a statement of intent (a novelty recording). The second one - sort of anarchic post-punk, influenced by the fall(!?)among the others - showed promising side of the band but they killed 'the buzz' in the studio environment. Could have been ...

I've also listened to Armatrak to check out an American influenced band from the mid1980s ... and remained unimpressed.

I am curious to hear any NZ band from the late 1970s/early 1980s that operated outside flying nun family. FN stuff used to be my favourite cup of (antipodean) tea.

(by the way, these days Beastwars doomsayers rule!)

STiG NZ said...

check out this NZ Comp...