Friday, 15 April 2016

Sex Aids - Back On The Piss Again 7" - 2015

Piss take band made up of various members of Chaotic Dischord, this is one of the most expensive Riot City ep's to buy if you want an original and considering it's probably one of the worst releases on that label I find it quite amusing, so thankfully someone re-released it to save on collector prices..

Oh, and apparently this was also released in New Zealand on a label called Mirage 6, now that one would be worth a small fortune.

01 - Back On The Piss Again
02 - The Amazing Mr. Michael Hogarth
03 - We Are The Road Crew

Disco Nightmare.


Anonymous said...

This EP for me is very cool, and the version cover of motorhead i like too much, thanx for sharing (sorry for my bad english)


I had to pay 40.00 dollars for an orginal of this record this one of the hardest riot city records to find

STiG NZ said...

Even this repress now sells for a lot.