Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Subhumans - Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash 12" - 1983

Released in between "The Day The Country Dies" and "From The Cradle To The Grave".

01 - Get Out Of My Way
02 - First Aid
03 - Word Factory
04 - People Are Scared (Live)
05 - Susan
06 - I Don't Wanna Die (Live)
07 - Everyday Life (Live)
08 - Work_Rest_Play_Die

Bluurg Records.


Antony Pugliano said...

Ye don't happen ta have the Evolution E.P?..saw the other three...cheers

STiG NZ said...

Yes I do have it, thought I'd already ripped it... will sort it.

Antony Pugliano said...

yer the best cheers..

darkovonhell said...

my first subhumans record with rats on the other side ,great band and great blog thanx compadre!