Tuesday, 10 May 2016

MDC - Millions Of Dead Cops Lp - 1982

Pretty much one of the greatest hardcore Lp's to ever come out of the US, a classic.

Side A:
01 - Business On Parade
02 - Dead Cops - America’s So Straight
03 - Born To Die
04 - Corporate Deathburger
05 - Violent Rednecks
06 - I Remember
07 - John Wayne Was A Nazi

Side B:
08 - Dick For Brains
09 - I Hate Work
10 My Family Is A Little Weird
11 - Greedy & Pathetic
12 - Church & State
13 - Kill The Light
14 - American Achievements

“Corporate Deathburger, Ronald McDonald…”
password is mboc

R Radical Records.


vonhell said...

no classic more classic than this classic

Lewdd said...

Classic! Find the semi recent reissue on Beer City. Great sound and a live show too!

chris_c said...

ditto the beer city reissue. saw them live in about '81 with DKs and peter and the test tube babies - definitely a formative gig, amazing: fast, passionate, funny (trapper!). part of the greatness of the album has got to be the production which is clean, hi-fi, but graunchy too. the songs are super powerful and more than just a bunch of riffs grafted together. Up there with Feel the Darkness in the USHC "we're not worthy" category. great share.

STiG NZ said...

Totally agree, a gem of the US Punk scene.

d. said...

I like it just fine. Thumb up! Early HC Texan quality. Unfortunately it was a blueprint for myriad of awful Ronald MacDonald HC albums from all over the world. Very good album, bad heritage. The Stains single that preceeded MDC is a punk rock gem.

Anarchyologist said...

This is hall of fame, game changing shit. early 80s still remains the best punk = to metal's Slayer, Kreator and Possessed in aggression , but much better at sounded broken and illegal