Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Beowülf - Beowülf Lp - 1986

Crossover!! On Suicidal Records too.

Side A:
01 - Tool The Jewel
02 - No Doubt
03 - Drink Fight F--k
04 - All I Need
05 - Shoot Them Down
06 - Taste The Steel (Extended Fight Version)

Side B:
07 - Phuck
08 - Get The Grind
09 - Americanizm
10 - Down Til Dead
11 - Belligerence
12 - Don’t Give A Damn
13 - (My Life) Alcohol

Grab it here:
Password is mboc

Suicidal Records


Adrián Osorio said...

crossing me over, thanks!

darko vonhell said...

SUICIDAL SUICIDAL ST ST !i bought Beowulf's vinyl "lost my head"in 89 for the Venice Connection with Suicidal and Mike Muir'label___ a really great band ,all their lp's are very good ,fast and melodic ,another great band from venice was mike muir's side project NO MERCY "widespread bloodshed" a killer album stig,believe me_ by the way i need to ask you, do you like KRAUT's "adjustment to society"(just curious compadre!)

STiG NZ said...

I think I have that No Mercy Lp already ripped. Sorry not heard the Kraut records but will sniff it out, cheers.

alfredovpangue said...

Hello compadre , can you upload NO MERCY "widespread bloodshed" please?

STiG NZ said...

Yes I can.. will post it tomorrow.

alfredovpangue said...


Thank you.

STiG NZ said...

Posted Lp now..