Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Underdogs - The Punk Demos Collection Lp - 2015

Probably my favourite LP of 2015 and such a seriously underrated band that thankfully have decided to release these great songs.
Issued under license from The Underdogs band. All tracks taken from their first demo “Riot in Rothwell” that was recorded in 1982, except tracks A1, A7, A8, B10 B14 & B15, that have been taken from their second demo “East of Dachau”, recorded in 1983.

All tracks have been remastered for their better sound quality at the ‘Rana Studios’ during summer 2015. Limited edition to 520 copies.

Side A:
01 - Never Gonna Give Up
02 - Love In A Hate Bomb
03 - Private Wars
04 - Make It Last
05 - Self Preservation Society
06 - Rebel
07 - East Of Dachau
08 - Johnny Go Home

Side B:
09 - Vietnam
10 - Boys Will Be Boys
11 - Late Starter
12 - Big Brother
13 - Dead Soldier
14 - Paint It Red
15 - Good Bye

“Are their Russians in Russia?”
Password is mboc

Common People Records


Adrián Osorio said...

muy buen sonido
I didn't knew this guys... so,


how you doing down there stig ? a bit of shaking isn't ? hope you are ok-- thanx for the Underdogs !! really great band,didn't know'em at all ---- i was expecting more of an uk82 band/sound but they are kind of The Blood,External Menace and Threats,which is even better ! thank you !

STiG NZ said...

Hey Darko. Thanks for your concern, I'm fine thank you. Yes, the Underdogs had someone a little different than the other hordes of UK '82 Punk bands... like I said probably one of my favourite Lp's of the last few years, still gets lots of plays.

Unknown said...

The underdogs are once more , with 3 original member, singer ,drummer and bass player ,.a couple of small gigs played , find us on Facebook , New songs also and more gigs with lots of love videos ,
Ug vocals
Bill drums
Col l bass
Nathan guitar
Nick guitar

STiG NZ said...

Good to hear, thanks for the update...