Thursday, 14 July 2016

Corrosion Of Conformity - Animosity Lp - 1985

About as perfect an Lp as there is, a classic.

Side A:
01 - Loss For Words
02 - Mad World
03 - Consumed
04 - Holier
05 - Positive Outlook
Side B:
06 - Prayer
07 - Intervention
08 - Kiss Of Death
09 - Hungry Child
10 - Animosity

“The hungry child worships..”
password is mboc

Roadrunner Records.


Anonymous said...

cool, thanx!

wich side do you like more?

to me: side B > side A

just my humble opinion, don't mean to offend anyone, please...

side b the recording is rawer, that's why I like it more...

cheers man!


Anonymous said...

The guy's face on the cover reminds me Donald Trump, even the hairdo.

Adrián Osorio said...

trash over crossover!