Thursday, 14 July 2016

False Prophets - Invisible People 12" - 1990

I think this was may be their last release, it definitely ventures into the Rock side of Punk and really doesn’t compare to their brilliant Self Titled Lp on Alternative Tentacles from 1986.

Side A:
01 - Never Again Again
02 - Plenty Of Death For All
03 - Shadow Goverment

Side B:
04 - No Deposit, No Return
05 - Invisible People
06 - Limit Of The Limitless

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d. said...

Hey down there, hello! I appreciate that you posted this 12" because I almost bought it few months ago. Don't like it = too many alt-rock vibes including lousy sound. Previous two albums put out by AT are pretty good, especialy "Implosion". Would be nice if you can rip and post self-titled from '86, for iPod use. Regards

STiG NZ said...

I'll post the S/T LP next week, it's been ripped already.