Thursday, 25 August 2016

Concrete Sox - Your Turn Next Lp - 2012

First Concrete Sox Lp and in my opinion their best release along side the split Lp with Heresy (which I should really own but don’t). Very metallic for the time. The recording is a bit “flat” sounding but still a great Lp. Originally released in 1986 on C.O.R Records.

Side A:
01 - Intelligence Quest
02 - Who Was The First?
03 - Eminent Scum
04 - Sustain The Orgy
05 - Ten Steps To Oblivion
06 - Each Day A New Low

Side B:
07 - New Breed
08 - Salt Of The Earth
09 - Civilised
10 - Torn
11 - Your Turn Next
12 - Sadists

It’s your turn next…
password is mboc

Boss Tuneage, Soxcore Records

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zeroid said...

My favourite of theirs, though I enjoy 'Sewerside' a lot too. 'Eminent Scum' - what a totally catchy tune... 'Senile Fools' off of the 'Digging In Water' comp is another great track as well. Thanks for the rip, this is one of those albums that I collect mp3's of.. erm not sure why but I just do. Yours are normally fine, but others I have not so much!