Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Anti-Pasti - The Last Call Lp - 1981

One band that apart from the track that made them famous “No Government” fail to capture my attention for very long…

Side A:
01 - No Government
02 - Brew Your Own
03 - Another Dead Soldier
04 - Call The Army (I’m Alive)
05 - City Below
06 - 24 Hours
07 - Night Of The Warcry

Side B:
08 - Freedom Row
09 - St. George (Get’s His Gun)
10 - The Last Call
11 - Ain’t Got Me
12 - Truth And Justice
13 - Hell
14 - I Wanna’ Be Your Dog

Brew your own and let it ferment, no Maggie Thatcher and no government
password is mboc

Rondelet Music & Records


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this classic lp, the stooges cover is very cool, great blog!

habanero said...

One of the most uninteresting punk bands of the 80s. TY though

Colsk The Latter said...

they stole No Government from Flux Of Pink Indians the talent-less bastards

STiG NZ said...

haha, yes they did.