Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Chumbawamba - Pictures Of Starving Children Sell Records Lp - 1986

Their second vinyl release after the “Revolution” 7 inch which was also released on their own label. Thought provoking, intelligent political punk with a fair amount of melody. Such an outstanding record.

Side A:
01 - Prologue
02 - I. How To Get Your Band On Television
03 - II. British Colonialism And The BBC - Flickering Pictures Hypnotise
04 - III. Commercial Break
05 - IV. Unilever - How To Succeed In Business

Side B:
06 - V. More Whitewashing
07 - VI. …An Interlude - Beginning To Take It Back
08 - VII. Dutiul Servants And Political Masters
09 - VIII. Coca-Colanisation
10 - IX. And In A Nutshell “Food Aid Is Our Most Powerful Weapon” / X. Invasion

Cliff Richard we’re going to nail you up to a cross tonight!!
password is mboc

Agit Prop.

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d. said...

This seemingly feeble one is for me.

Cliff Richard, they were going to nail you up to a cross that night!?

A crusade against (certain) POP stars is ongoing...

Stretch your legs and dance now! Chumba-Wamba!!