Monday, 24 October 2016

Stains - Stains Lp - 1983

The Stains were a quartet formed by Jesse Fixx (aka Jesus Fixx, bass) and Robert Becerra (guitar) in 1976 in East Los Angeles, California. Early on, the band shifted styles, moving from heavy metal to fusion to hardcore punk. The band was known for their confrontational shows and eventually caught the attention of Black Flag, who offered to release the band's album on SST Records. In 1981, shortly before recording the album, the group underwent major line-up shifts, with Becerra being the only constant member. The band was rounded out Rudy Navarro (vocals), Ceasar Viscarra (bass), and Gilbert Berumen (drums) for the recording of the group's sole album, which was eventually released in 1983. The band appeared from time to time in the late 1980s and early 1990s featuring various different line-ups but no recordings were ever released. In the 2000s, the album line-up of Becerra, Navarro, Viscarra, and Berumen (now performing as Jack Lopez) reunited. In 2014, the band once again disbanded.

Side A:
01 - Sick And Crazy
02 - Violent Children / Gang Related Death
03 - Get Revenge
04 - Germany
05 - Political Scandal

Side B:
06 - Pretty Girls
07 - Nowhere
08 - Quit The Human Race
09 - Im Normal
10 - Young Nazis

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SST Records.



Hell yeah, now were talkin' !!!!!!!!! :)

d. said...

I've been looking for a mid-priced original copy (at least VG++) of this album for years ... Nothing spectacular but I dig it. Beloved SST connection as well ...


STiG NZ said...

Yeah it goes for silly money like a lot of the old SST catalogue.

Mister Faith said...

Found this band today. I hear some Circle Jerks in there...fuckin' rad man. Thank you very much for the upload.

Anonymous said...

STiG NZ said...

wow, awesome footage

Gil Maciel Velho punk aqualung said...

Cara, só tenho à agradecer por vc disponibilizar estas maravilhas aqui. Grato!!!