Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Angelic Upstarts - Woman In Disguise 7" - 1982

One of my all time favourite Angelic Upstarts tracks.

01 - Woman In Disguise
02 - Lust For Glory

Anagram Records.


Gazzpunk said...

Same here, both sides are epic slides of latter-on Upstarts. I remember hearing the single on my, then, local indie radio station back in the day, bought it + the 12", still got them.

D. said...

I like this single quite a lot although having been recorded in early 1980s Alaska Studios it lost a bit of live room space or something. Stuff recorded there often came out brittle. Original Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson played on it. Ha! Anyhow, melodic side of Angelic Upstarts appeals to me. I think fondly of the first three albums. I should re-visit (listen again) "Reason Why?" Keep on!

STiG NZ said...

I posted Reason Why and 2,000,000 Voices today. Yep I'm a fan of the melodic Upstarts, Mensi has a great voice.