Monday, 27 February 2017

Brats - 1980 Brats Lp - 2007-RE

Brats was a Danish band from Copenaghen formed in 1977 as a punk band. After recording the songs "Dreams", "I Do What I Wanna Do" and "Magazine" for Danish Pære Punk compilation, the band split up in 1979, not much later reforming as a heavy metal band (playing a hybrid of punk and metal) with new members. This line-up signed a contract with CBS in 1980 and released the promotional debut single B-Brains and one self-titled full length LP. The band later transformed into the pure non-punkish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate.

Side A:
01 - Oy-905
02 - Tame Me (Insomniac)
03 - B-Brains
04 - Punk Fashion
05 - Complex (Don’t Destroy Me)
06 - Fuel

Side B:
07 - Heavy Rocker
08 - Pinned On My Eyelids
09 - Sense My Boy
10 - Ogcah Ghaszlihr
11 - Accepted
12 - Zombie People

1980 Brats
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