Friday, 24 February 2017

Criminal Justice - Complete Collection 1983-89 Lp - 2016

80’s UK Punk band from Huddersfield.

01-01 First Demo recorded July 1983
05-09 Second Demo recorded December 1983
10 Live At Gateshead Station recorded June 1985
11-14 Hierarchy Of Hell EP recorded November 1984
15-17 Sten Guns In Huddersfield Demo recorded May 1985
18-19 Demo ’89 recorded August 1989
B8. Intro/Lebanese Lifestyle ‘89
B9. Leaders Of The Sect ‘89

Side A:
01 - Intro-Lebanese Lifestyle
02 - Victim Of Religion
03 - Frenzy
04 - The Race Is On (N.A.T.O.)
05 - Machines And Systems
06 - Middle East Mayhem
07 - Distortion In Reflection
08 - Criminal Justice
09 - Leaders Of The Sect
10 - United Fire

Side B:
11 - Son Of Lucifer
12 - The Race Is On (N.A.T.O.)
13 - Distortion In Reflection
14 - Middle East Mayhem
15 - Overload
16 - Stun Guns In Huddersfield
17 - Forefathers Of The Crux
18 - Intro-Lebanese Lifestyle
19 - Leaders Of The Sect

The race is on…
password is mboc

Vomitopunkrock Records.


darko vonhell said...

don't know this one ,add to list! hahaha! thanx stig _don't recognize the band you put on the front insted of johnny rotten,who are they?

STiG NZ said...

UK band Sacriledge around the mid to late 80's

darko vonhell said...

thanx for the information ,some things just need to be known ,you know,there are important things in life and this one was one ___i got into Sacrilege a bit late but hey it's never too late for a good band ,specially "behind realms... a true classic isn't ?and what a powerful voice ___i like female singers when they screammmmmm!"prophecy" is not as good and "tribal"? a bit too doom to me_____________anyway thanx to the punk blogs like yours spreading the punk music all around the world

STiG NZ said...

Your welcome, and yes Realms is a great record.