Thursday, 9 February 2017

Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters Lp - 1982

Was there a more brutal record released in 1982 before this? Just brilliant!

Side A:
01 - Government Flu
02 - Terminal Preppie
03 - Trust Your Mechanic
04 - Well Paid Scientist
05 - Buzzbomb
06 - Forest Fire
07 - Halloween
08 - Winnebago Warrior

Side B:
09 - Riot
10 - Bleed For Me
11 - I Am The Owl
12 - Dead End
13 - Moon Over Marin

"I ate wild berries in the woods..."
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darko vonhell said...

the devil's music! and one of the fist punk records i bought back in the 80's_i find it quite disgusting,the sleeve,the melodies,the voice ,everything!,i love it!______even today ,after decades of noise is ,as you said,brutal _to me their best is Fresh fruit,but my Frankenchrist,what a good name _i love everything they did ,i guess you like FEEDERZ too!

STiG NZ said...

Frankenchrist then this as my favorite DK Lp's.. No to the Feederz as I was mostly in to the UK punk scene than the US one..

darko vonhell said...

ok stig i won't bother you anymore with the us scene but you need these lps_____ KRAUT"an adjustment..."_____ FEEDERZ "ever feel like ..."___VERBAL ABUSE"just an american band"______,you get 'em and i'll give you a break ....UK82!!!!!!!!

STiG NZ said...

Deal :) I'll check them out.