Friday, 31 March 2017

Gore Story - Gore Story - Cassette - 1990

For the final post of "Metal March"...

Gore Story from Hamilton, New Zealand started life as a side project featuring two members of local band Animosity and Aaron on Guitar. They formed around 1989 and began life a noise-core band busting out short fire rapid bursts of tuneless thrash.
Once more comfortable with their instruments they starting writing more complex songs that were both longer and more detailed.
This tape is salvaged from the few copies that were made after the master reel was destroyed by the Guitarist after he quit the day they were mean't to play a show with Das Unter Mench from New Plymouth. So there's a fair bit of tape distortion but I've tried to restore it best I can.
After Gore Story imploded the two non-psychotic members when on to form Azazel and are still active today in Spiteful Urinator.

Side A:
01 - Into The Void
02 - Vortex Of Fear
03 - Madness Made Flesh
04 - Dead Dreams
Side B:
05 - Dimentional Terror
06 - A Descent Into Hell
07 - Black Wall Of Misery (Live)
08 - Burst Command (Sodom) (Live)

"wasted fear for death is certain"
password is mboc

United Blasphemy Tapes.


alan kirwan said...

Thanks for all the metal over the last month.maybe you could post both metal and punk.thanks for all you do.this is a great blog.

STiG NZ said...

Cheers and yes I do like to keep some metal in the mix at all times!!!