Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Nazgûl - Good Demons LP - 1987

Hailing from the capital city, Wellington, New Zealand. Nazgûl were formed from the ashes of the punk band Compos Mentis, taking a more metal approach.

Side A: Studio
01 - Good Demons
02 - Nuclear Baby Mutants
03 - Practice What You Preach
04 - Be No More

Side B: Live
05 - Farce
06 - Practice What You Preach
07 - Masters
08 - Private War

Out Of Order.


Matt said...

faark, didn't know this was a thing! always liked their track on the NZ 7 inch

STiG NZ said...

Well your in luck then.. the studio stuff is great. There's also a video clip on youtube somewhere as well.

DavidDJC said...

There was another album recorded, much better, but never released. Was going to put tracks on You Tube

STiG NZ said...

Would be really keen to hear this, let me know when you post them on you tube