Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Nazgûl - Good Demons LP - 1987

Hailing from the capital city, Wellington, New Zealand. Nazgûl were formed from the ashes of the punk band Compos Mentis, taking a more metal approach.

Side A: Studio
01 - Good Demons
02 - Nuclear Baby Mutants
03 - Practice What You Preach
04 - Be No More

Side B: Live
05 - Farce
06 - Practice What You Preach
07 - Masters
08 - Private War

Out Of Order.


Matt said...

faark, didn't know this was a thing! always liked their track on the NZ 7 inch

STiG NZ said...

Well your in luck then.. the studio stuff is great. There's also a video clip on youtube somewhere as well.