Thursday, 16 March 2017

Saint Vitus - Die Healing Lp - 2013-RE

The album that features the return of original vocalist Scott Reagers.

Side A:
01 - Dark World
02 - One Mind
03 - Let The End Begin
04 - Sloth

Side B:
05 - Trail Of Pestilence
06 - Return Of The Zombie
07 - In The Asylum
08 - Just Another Notch

Die Healing
password is mboc

Season Of Mist


d. said...

Since I don't care for grind core & death/black metal at all (New Wave of HM/thrash metal are close to the edge too), I salute this post.

A surprising return to form for the Evil Sloth (Saint Vitus). An awesome album.

Even during Metal March Madness I can find some goods: st. Vitus and Grief.

Now there is a chance for an inquisitive history lesson concerning German speed/thrash like Sodom.


STiG NZ said...

The old Sodom stuff is so raw, drumming out of time, just real simplistic thrash which is so good.. they, like most bands overtime lost that "edge"