Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Warfare - Metal Anarchy The Original Metal - Punk Sessions Lp - 2015

Formed by Paul Evans, usually known as Evo, who already had some experience with punk acts Angelic Upstarts and The Blood. The intention of Evo was to create a mix of metal and punk.

In 1985, the band was asked to open for Metallica at the Hammersmith Odeon, but were expected to pay for their own expenses. In protest, they played in the parking lot during the show, where Evo threw his mic stand at the Odeon manager’s car and smashed the Warfare truck into seven parked cars, resulting in enough damage to land the band in court on criminal charges.

Side A:
01 - Electric Mayhem
02 - Wrecked Society
03 - Warfare
04 - Metal Anarchy

Side B:
05 - Psycho Express
06 - Living For The Last Days
07 - Military Shadow
08 - Disgrace

Metal Anarchy
password is mboc

High Roller.


Subcide Webzine said...

I'm going to download this based on that description alone.

darko vonhell said...

im gonna get it too ,i already have "pure filth" but hey,who cares? __how much speed can i take ? a lot.___did evo play drums too? i love drummers singing like grant hart ,hard-ons's keish ,and my fav,duncan redmonds from SNUFF !!

Anonymous said...

The brand new Evo Warfare release is fucking brilliant on High Roller Records it features Fast Eddie Clarke from Motorhead on guitar.