Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gauze - 面を洗って出直して来い CD - 1997

Their 4th full length.. This was also released on the same label as a 12", but good luck finding that...

01 栄枯盛衰
02 面を洗って出直して来い
03 ワッショイ
04 歯を喰い縛れ
05 口を閉ざした臆病者
06 金返せ
07 一言物申す
08 エッサホイサッサ
09 負け惜しみ
10 最後のお願い

Reading of the tracktitles + translation:
1: eikoseisui (ups and downs)
2: tsura wo aratte denaoshite koi (wash your face and come again later); an insult
3: wasshoi ("a shout to cheer up people at traditional Japanese festivals")
4: ha wo kuishibare (bare with it!)
5: kuchi wo tozashita okubyoumono (a coward who says nothing)
6: kanekaese (give (me) back the money)
7: hitokoto mono mousu (let me complain about it)
8: essahoisassa ("a shout to cheer you up to continue to give your best")
9: make oshimi (sour grapes); it's what you say to your enemy when you just have been beaten by him)
10: saigo no onegai (last wish)
**Taken from the Discogs page.

Tsura Wo Aratte Denaoshite Koi
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