Monday, 8 May 2017

World Burns To Death - Totalitarian Sodomy Lp - 2006

My favourite of their 3 Lp’s.. just relentless from start to finish.
Their was also a DVD film made called “Ceased To Exist” which makes for some disturbing viewing whilst this Lp lays the down the soundtrack to your extinction.

Side A:
01 - Back To Zero
02 - Boiling Blood
03 - Sarajevo Snapshot
04 - Those Who Have Come To The End
05 - Triumph Of Evil

Side B:
06 - A Grim Task Ahead
07 - The Frenzied Hacking Of Swords
08 - Excrement Of The Gods
09 - All The Young Turks
10 - Pigs Get Fat While The Hogs Get Slaughtered

Humanity is hanging from a cross of iron…
password is mboc

Hardcore Holocaust Records.

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