Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Anthrax - All For The Cause Lp - 2012

Of all the “reformed” Anarcho Bands from the 80’s Anthrax are by far the best and this Lp is a stunner. Great songs from a band that embraces the DIY attitude of the Anarcho scene and with their “Grow Your Own Records” label have released some great records. I’m sure this record can still be purchased from the band so don’t delay.

Side A:
01 - Sleeping Dogs
02 - Monochrome Dream
03 - One Last Drop
04 - Happy
05 - Grin
06 - What Does It Matter

Side B:
07 - Running On Empty
08 - Abracadabra
09 - Welcome
10 - Another
11 - We Don’t Sing
12 - We Stood Alone Together
13 - Hunger Pains

For the cause…
password is mboc

Grow Your Own Records.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I used to love the few songs I had from this band in the 80's (on a couple of Mortarhate/Fight Back comps), I loved them again in the 90's/00's when I found their singles and demos. I'm not usually too fond of these comebacks/reunions but I'll follow your advice Stig and check this one ;) Thanks for sharing!

Fernando :)

STiG NZ said...

It's well worth tracking down, great Lp.