Friday, 23 June 2017

Rogernomix - Demo - 2009

Rogernomix hail from Wellington and are probable;y one of the longest running current Punk bands in NZ, well one that plays shows at least. This is their first Demo and since then they have released 4 7” ep’s and a split Lp with Bonecruncher (also from Wellington). Awesome live band full of high energy. Members have been involved in the Wellington Punk scene for a long time and have backgrounds in a slew of past and present bands such as Scab, Shortlived, Fantails, Unsanitary Napkin and more.

01 - Capitalisations On Former Glory
02 - Life Slave
03 - Dead Man’s World
04 - Bacon’d
05 - Fear Of Work
06 - Blaming Myself
07 - Always A Mess
08 - In Your Stride

Grab it here:
Password: kiwi

Self Released.


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