Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sticky Filth - Nektar Der Götter Lp - 1990

Their second Lp from 1990.
A big thanks to Rhett for lending me his copies of these two Sticky Filth Lp's to rip, I do have them but they are very much worse for wear.

Side A:
01 - Fall From Grace
02 - SF
03 - Rememberance
04 - Beer
05 - Witch Hazel

Side B:
06 - Somethings Matter
07 - Cross My Heart
08 - Spartacus
09 - Shattered (Soaking Red)
10 - Sorrow

password is mboc

Ima Hitt Records.


Andrew Jenkins said...

Remember buying Weep Woman Weep when it came out but never really listened to their other stuff until about 5 years ago. My mistake as the opener to this album Fall From Grace is probably one of my favourite songs.

STiG NZ said...

TBH I still haven't spun this record more the a few times.. probably should go listen.. but WWW was such a killer debut.

MG said...

Thanks for the rip! My copy has a black and white cover tho... are these your scans? Wonder what the story is behind this 2 colour cover

STiG NZ said...

Not sure about the cover but this is an original copy and my other copy is the same.. maybe Brian Wafer ran out of covers and did some single colour ones.

MG said...

Yeah sounds about right. Thanks again Stig, its actually been a real pleasure blasting this on my phone's shitty earbuds all week. Don't suppose you've got a rip of the Lion and the Witch cassette too? The SF tracks (Mushroom Parade, Pig Song) on my rip of the Necrophile Orgasm comp are barely listenable and not in a good way unfortunately...

STiG NZ said...

Sorry but I don't have the cassette.