Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sticky Filth - Nektar Der Götter Lp - 1990

Their second Lp from 1990.
A big thanks to Rhett for lending me his copies of these two Sticky Filth Lp's to rip, I do have them but they are very much worse for wear.

Side A:
01 - Fall From Grace
02 - SF
03 - Rememberance
04 - Beer
05 - Witch Hazel

Side B:
06 - Somethings Matter
07 - Cross My Heart
08 - Spartacus
09 - Shattered (Soaking Red)
10 - Sorrow

password is mboc

Ima Hitt Records.


Andrew Jenkins said...

Remember buying Weep Woman Weep when it came out but never really listened to their other stuff until about 5 years ago. My mistake as the opener to this album Fall From Grace is probably one of my favourite songs.

STiG NZ said...

TBH I still haven't spun this record more the a few times.. probably should go listen.. but WWW was such a killer debut.