Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Unsanitary Napkin - Patriotic Grooves Lp - 2016

Awesome Political Punk from this Wellington 3 piece, the Lp comes with a nice lyric booklet.
If your interested in this and the Vomit Storm Lp then they are both still available from Limbless Records so get the wallet out and support small labels!

Side A:
01 - Feminine Odour
02 - Trumphole
03 - Chode Crystal
04 - Sweet Exploitation
05 - Blissful Myth
06 - Scripted Fist

Side B:
07 - Merchants Of Doubt
08 - Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth
09 - Keyhole
10 - The Balls (To Say What We're All Thinking)
11 - Barf Out Loud
12 - Outro

Sexy Trump!
password is mboc

Zero Style, Always Never Fun Records, Limbless Records.


pillihp zelaznog said...

Ahh the perfect album to grab feminists by the vagina! Fuck em all to hell! Give them Mentors or to the gulag! :D

Aerozol said...

Thanks for the link!
And a huge thanks for all the NZ stuff lately. The United Blasphemy set must be nearing completion!

STiG NZ said...

Cheers, I'm missing UBT 2 which was a live tape with ETOD and Heathen Filth from 1991. May have to ask Ross and Lynn if they have it.