Thursday, 2 November 2017

VA - Hate Your Neighbours Vol.1 Lp - 1997

A partially unofficial release of New Zealand Punk from the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Side A:
01 - Proud Scum - I Am A Rabbit
02 - Proud Scum - Suicide
03 - The Scavengers - True Love
04 - The Scavengers - Mysterex
05 - Proud Scum - Suicide2
06 - Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night Stay At Home
07 - Superettes - We Got A Stage
08 - Primmers - Love Sprouts
09 - Features - Police Wheels

Side B:
10 - Nocturnal Projections - My Neighbours
11 - Nocturnal Projections - Marlene’s Fish Shop
12 - The Spelling Mistakes - Hate Me Hate Me
13 - Toy Love - Sheep
14 - Scavengers - Routine
15 - Smashed Executive - TV
16 - The Steroids - Out Of Control
17 - Dum Dum Boys - Let There Be Noise
18 - The Henchmen - Bitch Goddess

Go ahead and jump off Grafton bridge!
password is mboc

Pussy Muncher.


d. said...

"Go ahead and jump off Grafton bridge!" YES! Proud Scum on Suicide #2 owns this record. Vocalist is super inspired for this one, as John Lydon was during recording of the SP album, totally bilious and vicious. JUMP!

Lemonheads covered "I Am a Rabbit" in the late 1980s, on "Lick" LP.

What was the source for Nocturnal Projections songs? The first tape or some rehearsal session? Perhaps the earliest material from '81?

I dig this record as much as VA NZ 2 x LP that you had posted before. In both cases I would exclude few songs and make 'em a bit shorter in length, thou.

Would be nice if you can post original vinyl rip of VA AK 79.



STiG NZ said...

hey D. I don't have AK'79 and it goes for silly money these days.. did own it years ago but hey we can't live with regrets.. I'm going to see Proud Scum Feb 2018 at the King's Arms in Auckland (last ever show at this iconic venue before it's bulldozered for apartment blocks).. should be a killer show.
I agree with most NZ comp's of this era they can be a little over blown.