Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Nocturnal Projections - Another Year 12 " - 1982

Carrying on from where their debut ep ended. Great stuff.

01 - You'll Never Know
02 - Isn't That Strange
03 - Could It Be Increased
04 - Difficult Days
05 - Out Of My Hands

Hit Singles.


d. said...


Too bad that posh studio took some essential grit away. At this stage Nocturnal Projections' raw emotion deserved a bit more of low-tech feedback and noise. If I can remember well, the band or Jefferies brothers (or one of them) were not satisfied with the end result themselves. My heart cries too.

(something wrong with the rip? or with the vinyl copy you ripped it from? or my ears are playing tricks on me)

NP records are too expensive, bloody collectors' items.

Thank you.

STiG NZ said...

It's ripped from the original record that I borrowed of a friend.. sounds all good to me.