Monday, 5 February 2018

Annie Anxiety Bandez - Jackamo Lp - 1987

Something a little different.. some may have heard Annie Anxiety from the Barbed Wire Halo ep on Crass Records.. this is a little different than that release.

Side A:
01 - As I Lie In Your Arms
02 - Bastinado
03 - Chasing The Dragon Down Broadway
04 - Jackamo

Side B:
05 - Jack Yo Mama
06 - One Mourning (For Marvin Gaye)
07 - Rise
08 - Hier Encore

password is mboc

One Little Indian.


d. said...

On-U sound system in pioneering digital domain! Sign of the turbulent and progressive times...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stig!!


Fernando :)

STiG NZ said...

Your welcome.