Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Chaotic Dischord - Live In New York Lp - 1984

Fake Live Album
"Recorded Live at C.B.G.'s-New York on the Cave Moblie"

Side A:
01 - Fuck Religion Fuck Politics Fuck The Lot Of You!
02 - Revolting Things Make Me Happy
03 - We're So Fuckin' Deep And Meaningful
04 - Anarchy In Macy's
05 - Family Man
06 - Refugee
07 - Get Off My Fucking Allotment
08 - Me And My Girl (Seal Clubbing)

Side B:
09 - He Tried To Hammer Home Religion (So They Nailed Him Down)
10 - What The Fuck's Going On
11 - I’ve Got A Headache (Aaarggh!)
12 - Someone's Nicked My Giro
13 - Giro Rides Again
14 - You're The Ugliest Thing I've Ever Seen
15 - Who The Fuck Are You?
16 - Fuck New York
17 - Fuck The World

01 - Side A
02 - Side B

Riot City Records.


Anonymous said...

i'm reading they are joke band, but the first album fuck religion... is one of the best punk albums from the 80's, live in new york like you say, is a fake live, but good. Cheers.

STiG NZ said...

Yeah, they started out as a joke band to ridicule Disorder by proving anyone could write noisey punk but after the demise of Vice Squad they started to take themselves seriously.. or not.


it was chaos u.k. they were ridiculing not disorder there is a line in a chaotic dischord song where they say whats chaos u.k. have to do with punk anyway

STiG NZ said...

I think it was both tbh, read an article in Negative Insight, but your right Chaos UK mostly..