Thursday, 1 February 2018

The System - Slave To The Machine Lp - 2016

While technically this is their first Studio Lp as the “Thought Control” records was a compilation of demo and ep tracks.
It’s a pretty solid comeback record.

Side A:
01 - Defiance And Resistance
02 - Zombie Apocalypse
03 - Apathetic
04 - Killer Coppers
05 - Consumerism

Side B:
06 - Every Day
07 - We're Still Struggling
08 - The Machine
09 - Damaged
10 - War And Money

password is mboc

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Honquijote said...

- Thanks a lot for the post...

vonhell said...

hey Stig,thanx ,great album ,this one a and Anthrax's All for for the cause are so good! All punks never die !!!!!!!!

STiG NZ said...

Yes they are the cream of the reborns

vonhell said...

i meant "old punks never die..."