Thursday, 1 March 2018

Demoniac - The Birth Of Diabolic Blood Cassette - 1994

One of New Zealand's first?? black metal bands, formed in around 1993, they attracted the attention of French label Evil Omen, an offshoot of Osmose Productions.

Bass player/vocalist Behemoth and guitarist Heimdall decided to emigrate to the UK in 1996 to try and take the band further, but left behind drummer Adramolech (at the time also the drummer for popular NZ avant-rock band Head Like a Hole), who was rather disgruntled about the whole affair.

With him replaced, they caught the attention of Osmose Productions head man, and he took them on the World Domination tour and promoted them from Evil Omen to Osmose. 3 Of their members went on to form the power metal formation DragonHeart which was renamed Dragonforce. (Discogs)

01 - The Birth Of Diabolic Blood
02 - Dormant Entity
03 - Satanael
04 - Moonblood


Self Released

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elliott said...

thanks, had a badly ripped copy of this, and glad to get a good sounding version! weird band. they were actually pretty good up to the third album when they tried going like black/power metal with blatantly offensive lyrics