Monday, 5 March 2018

Discharge - Grave New World Lp - 2016-RE

A timeless "Classic"... :D

Side A:
01 - Grave New World
02 - In Love Believe
03 - D.Y.T. / A.Y.F.
04 - Time Is Kind
05 - We Dare Speak (A Moment Only)

Side B:
06 - Sleep In Hope
07 - The Downward Spiral

"What was he thinking?"
password is mboc

Let The Eat Vinyl.



Classic pile of shit

STiG NZ said...

I actually don't mind this as much as I used to.. but then again I do like some bad metal as well. :)

d. said...


I’ve finally checked it out.

I wasn’t part of these crowds in the 1980s so it isn’t a shock as it could have been.

Vocal really ruined unfortunate "Grave New World", NOT general metal tendencies and funny new glam metal image. Far cry from Robert Plant's effective machismo or King Diamond’s evil style. Dan Kubinski turned screeching in higher frequencies into integral part of Die Kreuzen throughout their metal maturing but Cal adopted neutered falsetto too early. Riffs and instrumental music and recording in general are pretty good for mid 1980s heavy rock / metal standards. With vocalist of Rob Halford’s caliber this album would be something else – pretty entertaining!

I’ll rather forget it. Delete.

STiG NZ said...

haha, lovely write up.. and your right the music isn't half bad... but those vocals.. even if Cal had of kept the same vocal style he was using on The More I See or Ignorance this would of been a way better Lp... delete? No.