Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Whiplash - Power And Pain Lp - 1986

Whiplash is a classic American thrash metal band, formed in 1984. The original power trio line-up was comprised of the 3 Tonys: Tony Portaro (guitar, vocals), Tony Scaglione (drums) and Tony Bono (bass). They appeared on the "Speed Metal Hell" compilation from New Renaissance Records in 1985 with the track "Thrash Till Death" after which they signed with Roadrunner Records. Their debut album, "Power And Pain," was released in 1985 by Roadrunner.

Side A:
01 - Stage Dive
02 - Red Bomb
03 - Last Man Alive
04 - Message In Blood

Side B:
05 - War Monger
06 - Power Thrashing Death
07 - Stirring The Cauldron
08 - Spit On Your Grave
09 - Nailed To The Cross

Whip It
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Roadrunner Records.

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