Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Armatrak - Demo Cassette - 1985

Their first recordings from 1985, recorded at Last Laugh Studios in Auckland.
Armatrak were one of the first NZ bands to embarrass a more US influence rather than the endless stream of UK inspired punk bands. This is still my favourite release from them.

01 - Born Again Christians
02 - Till Death Us Do Part
03 - Corporations
04 - Do Something

Self Released.


Anonymous said...


**OLD** fart here who was in the underground/punk scene from 77 to 84. Just found your site and what a gold mine. REALLY repect the whole "only rip from originals thing".

I have 20GB+ of stuff from 77 to around 84/85 and thought I wouldn't be adding anymore to it. WRONG. Site pillage has commenced.

I would have no problem sending you a download link to my folder although much of what I have hasn't been ripped by me.
Unfortunately, Mega shows NO mercy when it comes to dealing with DCMA/copyright complaints and I really don't want the bother of re-uploading everything.

Anyway, AWESOME site!

Regards from the dairyland,


TheEndless said...

very good

STiG NZ said...

Thanks. There is lots of old school punk on this site and a fair bit of metal, I like both but UK '82 and early 80's Anarcho are my favourites.