Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Deathreat - Deathreat 7" - 1998

There are different versions of this. The first pressing has a glossy sleeve and the label's old Memphis / TN address on the sleeve's back - the insert / lyric-sheet for this version was on non-glossy paper. The later pressings came in a non-glossy sleeve with the labels Portland / OR address on the sleeve and had an insert printed on glossy paper. And then there's the version that was made for the band's show(s) at Chaos In Tejas fest in Austin / TX in 2005 - sleeves printed on gold, silver and orange card stock.

01 - Reason To Live Reason To Die
02 - Blood
03 - Four Billion Car Pile Up On The Information Super Highway
04 - Like Rats In A Cage
05 - Who Counts The Bodies?
06 - Elementary Course In Prison Economics
07 - Can't Grasp The Concept
08 - King James Version Of Shit

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