Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Exit-Stance - While Backs Are Turned... Lp - 2017-RE

Re-issue of the Mortarhate 12" released in 1985. Bonus tracks include the Crime Against Humanity 7" on Fight Back Records and some Demo tracks.

Side A:
01 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice, Pt.1
02 - Slaughterhouse
03 - They Kill Dogs
04 - The Voiceless Now Have A Voice, Pt.2
05 - Christian Militia
06 - I Have No Gun (But I Can Spit)
07 - The Shit Still Stinks

Side B:
08 - Ballykelly Disco
09 - Mankinds Hand
10 - Blinded By Fear
11 - Who Benefits?
12 - What Hope For The Future
13 - In The Name Of Science
14 - Your System Created
15 - Pass The Ammunition
16 - Nuclear Stockpiles

"While backs are turned..."
password is mboc

Papagájův Hlasatel Records.


d. said...

Hey, this band was good. Almost skipped them without real reason.

And when you get time, could you please upload original issues again? I'd like to compare quality of originals with this remaster.


STiG NZ said...

hey d. yeah they were a lot heavier than most of the 80's Anarcho bands.. the 12" is outstanding, I'll get those uploaded tonight.. (if I remember).

STiG NZ said...

I've uploaded the two original records

d. said...

Downloaded. Thanks to you! Hurrah for Mortarhate crew! (I quite like demo tracks too)