Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Newtown Neurotics - Pissed As A Newt Lp - 2017-RE

Originally release on Cassette in 1982 on No Wonder Records.

Side A:
01 - Intro
02 - Mindless Violence
03 - When I Need You
04 - When The Oil Runs Out
05 - Bored Policeman
06 - Oh No

Side B:
07 - You Said No
08 - Licensing Hours
09 - Hypocrite
10 - I Get On Your Nerves

Recorded live 1978-1981.
Tracks 01 and 04 recorded on a hand held cassette recorder.
Tracks 02,03,06,07 and 08 recorded through the mixing desk.
Tracks 05,09 and 10 recorded using a mobile recording studio.

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No Plan Records.

Sham 69 - The Adventures Of Hersham Boys Lp - 1979

Sham 69 are an English punk band that formed in Hersham in 1975.

Although not as commercially successful as many of their contemporaries, albeit with a greater number of chart entries, Sham 69 has been a huge musical and lyrical influence on the Oi! and streetpunk genres. The band allegedly derived their name from a piece of football-related graffiti that founder Jimmy Pursey saw on a wall, which originally said Walton and Hersham '69 but had partly faded away.

Side A:
01 - Money
02 - Fly Dark Angel
03 - Joey's On The Street
04 - Cold Blue In The Night
05 - You're A Better Man Than I

Side B:
06 - Hersham Boys
07 - Lost On Highway 46
08 - Voices
09 - Questions And Answers
10 - What Have We Got?

"Laced up boots and corduroys"
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The Adicts - Songs Of Praise Lp - 2017-RE

Unofficial re-issue of the 1981 Lp on Dwed Wecords.

Side A:
01 - England
02 - Hurt
03 - Just Like Me
04 - Tango
05 - Telepathic People
06 - Mary Whitehouse
07 - Distortion
08 - Get Adicted

Side B:
09 - Viva La Revolution
10 - Calling Calling
11 - In The Background
12 - Dynasty
13 - Peculiar Music
14 - Numbers
15 - Sensitive
16 - Songs Of Praise

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Dwed Wecords.

Nausea - Extinction Lp - 1990

Nausea were a hardcore/punk band from New York, NY (USA) formed in1985 and disbanding in 1992. They were one of the few bands in the New York City hardcore/punk scene at the time playing punk/crust while most of the other bands made the trademark NYHC sound popular.
Although they just had one LP and a few 7" singles and compilation tracks they were really popular among the worldwide crust scene and even managed to tour Europe in 1991.

Side A:
01 - Tech-No-Logic-Kill
02 - Inherit The Wasteland
03 - Johnny Got His Gun
04 - Self Destruct
05 - Butchers
06 - Sacrifice

Side B:
07 - Godless
08 - Clutches
09 - Extinction
10 - Battened
11 - Blackened Dove
12 - Void

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Profane Existence.

Misfits - 12 Hits From Hell:The MSP Sessions Lp - 2017-BOOT

"Misfits 12 Hits From Hell" a complete group of songs from the MSP sessions recorded August 7th, 1980.

Side A:
01 - Halloween
02 - Vampira
03 - I Turned Into A Martian
03 - Skulls
04 - London Dungeon
04 - Skulls
05 - London Dungeon
06 - Night Of The Living Dead

Side B:
07 - Horror Hotel
08 - Ghouls Night Out
09 - Astro Zombies
10 - Where Eagles Dare
11 - Violent World
12 - Halloween II
13 - London Dungeon (Alternate Take)

"Hits from HELL"
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Caroline Records.

Beyond Description - Acts Of Sheer Madness Lp - 2002

Thrash metal / hardcore punk band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 1988.

Side A:
01 - Greetings
02 - Storm
03 - Judge
04 - Pig
05 - Unprofitable
06 - Bluff
07 - Solution
08 - Shadow
09 - Treason

Side B:
10 - Ruin
11 - Mirror
12 - Release
13 - Consumption
14 - Selfishness
15 - Contamination
16 - Weed
17 - Nowhere

"Sheer madness"
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Farewell Records.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

VA - A.O.A / Oi Polloi - Unlimited Genocide Lp - 1986

Classic split Lp.

Side A.O.A:
01 - Murder In The Woods
02 - For Those Who Suffered
03 - All Our Anger
04 - Death On A Plate
05 - Holy Hypocrisy
06 - O.S.A.
07 - Aftermath

Side Oi Polloi:
08 - Go Green
09 - You Cough/They Profit
10 - Punx Or Mice
11 - Nuclear Waste
12 - The Only Release
13 - Apartheid Stinx

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Children Of The Revolution Records.

His Hero Is Gone - Fool's Gold 7" - 1998

Re-recorded tracks of the demo. The first versions also appeared on the split 12" with Uranus.

01 - Scare Tactic
02 - Sound The Alarm
03 - Fool's Gold
04 - Friendly Fire
05 - Becoming Soil
06 - Raise The Curtain

The Great American Steak Religion.

His Hero Is Gone - The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements 7" - 1996

Defunct crust-punk band from Memphis, Tennessee. They had an anti-technological motive in their music, which might explain why there is no website dedicated to them. Some members moved on to Tragedy and dozens other bands.

01 - Epidemic
02 - Headcount
03 - T Minus Zero
04 - Unvisited Grave
05 - Internally Bleeding
06 - Richter
07 - Marry And Reproduce
08 - The End Result

"Dead of night"
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Prank Records.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Septic Death - Somewhere In Time 7" - 1988

Excerpt from a live performance on Aug. 28th 1983 in Boise, Idaho.
For completists.

01 - Fear
02 - Protest - Protect
03 - Eye Missing
04 - Conquest
05 - Negative Threat
06 - Child
07 - Hardware

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Lost And Found Records.

VA - Kakumei 2 (革命2) Lp - 1991

MCR Company compilation of late 80's and early 90's Punk, a nice mix of Japanese bands with some foreign devil dogs thrown in for good measure.

Side A:
01 - Misery - Total Destruction
02 - Misery - Born Fed Slaughtered
03 - F.V.K. - Dazzle
04 - F.V.K. - Bike
05 - Fuck Geez - Stay Free
06 - Fuck Geez - Wasted Land
07 - Spermbirds - I Might Kill You
08 - Spermbirds - Hiding

Side B:
09 - Don Don - Politics
10 - Don Don - Cleopatra's Dream
11 - Cox-Orange - Don't Throw Your Life Away
12 - Assfort - No Reason
13 - Assfort - Not Have A Leg To Stand On
14 - Nessun Dorma - Follow The Crowd
15 - Nessun Dorma - Hard Sell
16 - Idora - Self Defence

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MCR Company.

Ad Nauseam - Once Upon A Time 1982/1984 Lp - 2017

UK punk band from Portsmouth. This is a collection of their Tape releases from 1982 to 1984.

Side A:
01 - Thatcher
02 - Mass Murder
03 - Fuck I Ain't Bovered
04 - What A State
05 - Don't Vote
06 - Why Fight Each Other
07 - Fire
08 - Weapons Of Peace
09 - Once Upon A Time
10 - Daddy Daddy
11 - Sufferance
12 - Crazy World
13 - Maggie's Millions
14 - World Cruise
15 - Apocalypse Of Youth
16 - Ashes To Ashes

Side B:
17 - No Mercy
18 - Undeclared Citizens
19 - Who Are You
20 - Wheelies One
21 - Nausea
22 - Destructadisc
23 - Throw Down Your Crutches
24 - Dog Od On A Sunstroke Pill
25 - The Church Creates
26 - Still Be Havin Fun
27 - Monkey See Monkey Do
28 - Ain't Gonna Be No Peace

01 To 10 - Mass Murder Tape 1982
11 To 16 - 2nd Demo 1982
17 To 28 - Demo 1984

"Ad Nauseam"
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Vomitopunkrock Records.

Accident - A Clockwork Legion Lp - 2017-RE

Oi! punk band from the United Kingdom. The band originally formed in 1977 and stayed together until 1986. They then re-formed in 1996.
This is not your average Oi! on the terraces record and is quite melodic and catchy, a great Lp

Side A:
01 - Respectable
02 - Twisted Mind
03 - Affliction
04 - Cue The Dead
05 - Leaders Of Tomorrow

Side B
06 - A Clockwork Legion (Intro + The March)
07 - Sorry (We Can't Help You)
08 - Fight To Win
09 - Bad Company
10 - Vendetta

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Daily Records.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Vånna Inget - Vart Tar Du Vägen / Hemlighet 7" - 2013

Their second ep, nice and catchy even if you don't speak the language you can still enjoy a good tune.

01 - Vart Tar Du Vägen
02 - Hemlighet

Majken Records, Heptown Records, Instigate Records.

Vånna Inget - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem 7" - 2012

Who doesn't enjoy some Vånna Inget?

01 - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem
02 - Spotta I Motvind
03 - Nodsignal
04 - Våra Drömmars Död

Erste Theke Tonträger.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Intensive Care - Demos 1983 To 1985 Lp - 2018

Back in 1980 when all the world was young, Iain Kilgallon started a band with 3 other guys, Tam Stewart, Iain Tannock and Mark Hendren. The boys were all big fans of Punk Rock and wanted to try and do their bit to add to try get their home town of Gourock, situated on the West Coast of Scotland, represented on the UK punk rock map. They decided on the name Side FX and were soon playing support slots, playing mostly original material, to the local host of new wave bands in the area, which had still to produce any out and out punk acts. After around six months of playing live, Mark Hendren announced he wanted out as he wasn’t enjoying playing.
The guys had a look around for a new guitarist and while in the middle of this, we all decided that we needed a name which better described our brand of basic, angry punk rock. During a night in Iain’s parents house drinking Merrydown Cider and Tennents Lager, and after listening to the new compilation ‘Oi! The Album’, the guys decided on Intensive Care.

A new guitarist was found, Brian McGrath and the band were soon up and playing supports to local punk acts including the notorious Tuaregs and even with soon to become famous, H20.

More changes in the personnel followed with Iain Tannock, Tam Stewart and Brian McGrath leaving after the band had a heart to heart about the direction they wanted to go and only Iain Kilgallon wanted to follow the Oi!/Punk route with all the others wanting to go new wave. As Iain was the main songwriter, he continued with Intensive Care and brought in Big Jim Gallacher on drums, Nelly on Guitar and Sammy MacLeod on vocals, with Iain staying on bass.

The band went in to the studio to record their first demo and as soon as it was ready, it was duly dispatched to Garry Bushell at Sounds music weekly and to all the UK’s punk labels. Much to their surprise, they got a reply from the top Oi!/Punk label, No Future Records, who’s acts included Blitz, Peter & The test Tube Babies, The Partisans, Red Alert and The Violators, saying that they were very interested in keeping tabs on the band. As well as this, a few weeks later Garry Bushell did a piece on who were the most promising young bands to keep an eye on coming through the ranks around the UK and we were mentioned, we couldn’t believe it and thought we had won the lottery. This may seem OTT but remember, we were only 16 and 17 years of age and were totally astonished.

Next came a call from Garry Bushell asking if the band wanted to travel down to London to play with some of the top acts in the country at the newly opened Skunx Club at the Angel in Islington. He read off a list of the bands coming up and to the bands ears it was like being kids in a sweet shop! That is not far off the truth as remember we were only kids and only one of us was even old enough to drive and two were still at school! The band opted to come down and support Peter & The test Tube Babies and then Blitz, then the Urban Dogs and then headlined the venue, doing very well and it was during one of these gigs that No Futures bosses offered us a deal to sign to them, with one proviso….we ditched Sammy from vocals and Iain took over. Iain turned the offer down instantly as the band were all mates but one thing led to another and Sammy left and Iain moved to vocals, big Wattie McClure joined on bass, Nelly left and Wattie’s brother, Wullie McClure, joined on guitar. Not long after this Bryza replaced big Jim Gallacher on drums. Talk about musical chairs!

During 1981/82, the West of Scotland was to be torn apart with the closures of the main source of employment, the Shipyards so as jobs were few and far between, Iain chose to head south to the Horley/Crawley area next to Gatwick Airport to stay with his sister and as soon as he arrived he got a call from No Future Records asking if we could go on the mega popular compilation Country Fit For Heroes’. Iain called the guys back in Scotland to travel down and record but for one reason or other, the guys couldn’t do it so Iain went round the local record shops and the pubs where the punks and skins drank and frantically tried to recruit amongst people he had never met before. Luckily most of the scene in Horley and Crawley had heard of Intensive Care so the job was pretty easy.

Enter Liam Knight on guitar (RIP) and Trout on drums, they did the recording with Iain doubling up on bass and vocals. The lads recorded two tracks for the compilation, Fight & Die and Ghost Town. These songs were very well received so the guys set about starting to get the name out and about and we soon recruited Spike Harris on bass, and Gav Hills on Drums, with Wee Lee Panel replacing the nutty Trout on drums.

On a very successful gig at the world famous 100 Club in London’s Oxford Street, the guys were approached by the now famous Mr Gig, who said in his opinion we were the best un-signed band on the scene and he wanted to sign us up for his newly formed Punishment Block Records. We were delighted, and liked him very much as he was such a character, and the next thing we knew, we were in the studio recording our first, and only 7” single. It was a 3 track release with:

1 – Cowards
2 – Class of ‘84
3 – Organised Crime
The release did very well, just failing to crack the top 30 in the independent charts but still making enough of a splash to get the bands profile raised considerably and the offers of gigs started rolling in.

One very interesting point was that in the West Sussex area, Crawley etc, we were out-selling the highest selling single of the time, Careless Whisper by George Michael, and due to this Sussex BBC Radio, the biggest in the area by a mile and based down in Brighton, contacted the band to get us in for an interview etc to explain how on earth a bunch of herbert’s like us could prove so popular. Iain told them he hoped they could tell us as we didn’t know either!

It was around this time that Wee Lee left to concentrate on work as he was under all sorts of outside pressure, he was replaced very fleetingly by Beaky on drums who was promptly replaced by Bryza, who had moved south from Scotland.

Anyway, the band kept gigging away and being offered slot on all sorts of compilation albums and all day punk shows, scooter rally’s, gigs abroad and al the things we had never dreamed of being invited on, including being fortunate enough to play with such great names as the UK Subs, GBH, The Business, PTTB’s, Blitz, Exploited, Abrasive Wheels, One Way System, Major Accident and many others.

An interesting point was one of the support bands on our gig in Wales was the now mega famous Condemned 84. We could tell right away that they had that extra needed to rise above the normal band and the bands formed a good friendship. Also around at the time were the superb scallywags, Vicious Rumours, again a good friendship was formed and as well as with other great bands round the UK including Brighton’s superb Skingraft and Scotland’s Condemned and Red Brigade.

Next up came the offer to sign for Oi Records, Roddy Moreno’s Cardiff based label, and Iain agreed right away. Roddy offered to put out our first full length album and the guys were all delighted. It all changed….Iain’s dad dropped dead, only 59, and his whole world turned upside down. While up visiting his mother in Scotland, he mentioned the record was going to come out and his mother said that his father had left a small amount of money which he would have wanted his son to record and press a record to release. Maybe it was emotions all over the place and being disorientated, but Iain decided to go it alone and called Roddy to let him down as gently as possible to thank him for his very kind offer. Let’s just say he wasn’t best pleased and to this day I don’t think they have spoken! Iain still feels bad about it but I hope he understands it was the most unusual and unexpected situation which was totally unplanned and if he could have changed anything, he would have.

So out came the bands 6 track 12” single, ‘Rebels’, ‘Rockets’ and ‘Rubbermen’. It was very well received, particularly in the USA and the band seemed to be going from strength to strength.

Gigs offers kept coming in and then they were asked to appear on one of the famous and very popular Oi! Compilation albums on Link Records. They recorded their track ‘Framed’ which was very well received.

One thing that was beginning to sour events was the amount of trouble the gigs were attracting as the mid to late 80’s was a period of unprecedented trouble between Punks, Skins, Straights, Mods, Rockabillies and Psychobillies. It got to the point that the band were sick to death of the constant trouble and this led to splits in the band and a change of personnel. Spike, Liam and Wee Lee left and were replaced by Glen on Bass, Ash on guitar and Mark Reynolds on drums. They plugged on for another year or so but in the end they decided to take a break for a while as they had been playing constantly all round the UK with the odd European gig thrown in for the past 5 years, and none of them even had a steady job.

It was not long after this that tragedy was to strike. Liam was knocked down and killed while trying to cross a dual carriageway on his way into town one evening. The guys were shattered as without doubt, he was the most liked guy in the band and to this day, I don’t know anyone who ever had a bad word to say about him. The guys reformed and played two benefit shows for his parents to help with the costs involved in this tragic loss and it helped pay towards the gravestone, burial, a seat in the local memorial gardens and the rest went towards the local hospitals, sick children’s ward. The first of the two packed shows was filmed and came out on video and sold out in no time at all. The guys spoke about getting back together but alas it was not to be, for a host of reasons, not least the arrival of Iain’s daughter, Leanne. He felt he needed to get a real job to provide for the new addition and the rest is history.

After we had called it a day, offers still came in for interviews and shows and even a tour of the east coast of the USA, tempting as they were, nothing was ever done about it, shame really but the one last thing that the band did agree to was the release of all their previous recordings which included lots of un-released material through the legendary Captain Oi! Records. This has proven to be a popular release and years later when Iain started playing with Beerzone, the thing that struck him most about his first couple of American tours was the amount of people, who night after night, only wanted to talk about Intensive Care, not Beerzone. This has to be the highest praise of all, a band which hadn’t played for over a decade, still proving popular on the other side of the world. What more can you say about that!

One last point that I have to add is that we are still offered gigs to this day, 2007, but in the last few years another band started in North London using the Intensive Care name and have been poking fun at us from all directions for quite some time now. Iain takes it in good spirits, rightly or wrongly, but cant for the life of him work out why anyone with half a brain would use a name that is already firmly rooted in the history of Punk and Oi!, its lucky these cheeky North London herbert’s are not very good, or we would be in trouble! *Discogs.

Side A:
01 - No Future
02 - Fight For Your Future
03 - Framed
04 - Power & Glory
05 - Someone In The Crowd
06 - Class Of 84
07 - Exocet UK
08 - Fight & Die
09 - Organised Crime

Side B:
10 - Waterfront Warfare
11 - Tell The Truth
12 - You'll Never Put Us Down
13 - Scared Of You
14 - Cowards Of Today
15 - Pigs
16 - Life On The Dole
17 - Plastic Rebel

01 To 06 Demo 1983
07 To 12 Demo 1984
13 To 17 Demo 1985

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Vomitopunkrock Records.

Samhain - Unholy Passion 12" - 2016-BOOT

Originally released in 1985 on Plan 9.

01 - Unholy Passion
02 - All Hell
03 - Moribund
04 - The Hungry End
05 - I Am Misery

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D. & V. Records.

Sabbat - To Praise The Sabbatical Queen 2xLp - 2004

Long running Japanese Metal band, I had the pleasure of seeing these guys earlier this year in Auckland, It was a great show.

Side A:
01 - Snow Woman
02 - Kamikaze Bomber
03 - Gok Kan Ma
04 - Satanician
05 - Sabbatical Demonslaught

Side B:
06 - Splatter
07 - Flame Of The Circle
08 - Evoke The Evil
09 - Black Fire (20th Japanese - English Version)
10 - Arizigoku

Side C:
11 - Black Fire (20th English - Japanese Version)
12 - Screaming Murder
13 - Envenom Into The Witch's Hole
14 - Disembody To The Abyss
15 - Evoke The Evil
16 - Reversed Bible

Side D:
17 - Black Metal Horses
18 - Possessed Hammer
19 - Satan Bless You
20 - Hellfire
21 - Black Fire
22 - Bursting Out

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Iron Pegasus Records.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Voivod - Angel Rat Lp - 1991

Released after Nothingface and taking that album that little bit further. Angel Rat is a great record with some very catchy songs but still with that slight quirkiness that Voivod are renowned for. I like it.

Side A:
01 - Shortwave Intro
02 - Panorama
03 - Clouds In My House
04 - The Prow
05 - Best Regards
06 - Twin Dummy

Side B:
07 - Angel Rat
08 - Golem
09 - The Outcast
10 - Nuage Fractal
11 - Freedoom
12 - None Of The Above

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MCA Records.

Darkthrone - Soulside Journey Lp - 2012-RE

With much more of a nod towards the "Swedish" death metal sound of the time than what they morphed into.

Side A:
01 - Cromlech
02 - Sunrise Over Locus Mortis
03 - Soulside Journey
04 - Accumulation Of Generalization
05 - Neptune Towers
06 - Sempiternal Sepulchrality

Side B:
07 - Grave With A View
08 - Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
09 - Nor The Silent Whispers
10 - The Watchtower
11 - Eon

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Peaceville Records.

Entombed - Clandestine Lp - 2013-RE

Probably my favourite Entombed record.
'Full Dynamic Range' reissue.

Side A:
01 - Living Dead
02 - Sinners Bleed
03 - Evilyn
04 - Blessed Be
05 - Stranger Aeons

Side B:
06 - Chaos Breed
07 - Crawl
08 - Severe Burns
09 - Through The Collonades

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Earache Records.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Minor Threat - Out Of Step 12" - 1983

A true "Classic" Hardcore record..

Side A:
01 - Betray
02 - It Follows
03 - Think Again
04 - Look Back & Laugh

Side B:
05 - Sob Story
06 - No Reason
07 - Little Friend
08 - Out Of Step
09 - Cashing In

"...with the world!"
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Dischord Records.

MDC - Multi-Death Corporations 7" - 1983

Originally released on R Radical and then licensed to Crass in 1983.
I've posted the Beer City Re-Issue from 2014 before but here's the original Crass Records one.

01 - Multi-Death Corporations
02 - Selfish Shit
03 - Radioactive Chocolate
04 - No Place To Piss

Crass Records.

Sick Old Man - Tribunus Plebis Cassette - 2016

Blackened Crust Punk from Auckland, New Zealand.
Released on 2016-12-17,

Limited to 50 copies

01 - Tribunus Plebis
02 - Carpe Vinum
03 - Outflanked
04 - The Sick Old Man
05 - Barba Crescit Caput Nescit

Hairy Palm.

VA - Hairy Palm Vol 2 Cassete - 2018

New Zealand Punk Cassette, second one in the series so far.

"Hairy Palm Volume 2: A current document of New Zealand punk, hardcore, noise, sludge and industrial, all lovingly hand dubbed in a bedroom in West Auckland, with artwork by Ahnand Unka (j-card), Grant Sheridan (labels) and Jess Dew (inserts), set to be released in the most inconvenient of formats, cassette."

01 - Stress Ghetto - Bushwalkaz
02 - Spiteful Urinator - Bastards Among Us / Nontransferable Scenario
03 - Noxo - Death Stalker
04 - Corpse Rat - Crook Guts
05 - Corpse Rat - Failure At Failing
06 - Sick Old Man - Plaga Medicus
07 - Long Distance Runner - None Like Me
08 - Long Distance Runner - The Mask
09 - Ave Teth - Tod

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Hairy Palm.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

VA - Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas Lp - 1984

Yet another compilation Lp put out by one of the many sub-labels of Rot Records..
This has some classic 80's European Punk bands.

Side A:
01 - Bristles - Coming Back
02 - Riot Squad - Hate The Law
03 - Drongos For Europe - Can't Afford To Fall
04 - Oi Polloi - Silent Minority
05 - Terveet Kädet - City And Stars
06 - Existenz - Man Of His Own
07 - Crude SS - Forced Values
08 - Paranoia - Robots

Side B:
09 - Terveet Kädet - Outsider
10 - Drongos For Europe - Dresden
11 - Oi Polloi - Boot Down The Doors
12 - Crude SS - Sick Pleasure
13 - Bristles - Lonely
14 - Riot Squad - Hidden Fear
15 - Existenz - Good Time

"We're all getting pissed at christmas..."
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